Wednesday, December 26, 2012

The Reveal - Kid's Art Center

My husband has always told me not to set the bar too high or I will never be able to match it again, but since I am not great at taking advice I set the bar high.  For a little over 2 months, with my dad's help, we designed  and built an art station and a playhouse and now I need a vacation.  I take solace that I have until September to start another huge project and maintain my status as awesome mommy with the kiddos.

I posted a sneak peak of the center in early December and here is the finished product.  The inspiration came from here, here, and here all thanks to Pinterest (can you believe I actually did something I pinned?).  

Ladybug doing her first art project on Christmas morning.  

When I retrieve my point and shoot camera from my parent's house, I will blog the entire process.

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