Friday, December 3, 2010

December Sensory Bin

Well, I never did get around to putting together a November sensory bin.  It seemed that the entire month was over before it really started. 

This month in our bin we have fake flowers for sticking in foam, bows, bells, garland, and Christmas ornaments.  If I had the time I would have filled the bin with bells, but for some reason I couldn't get motivated to buy that many bells...I can't imagine why.


  1. This stuff is so amazing. I want to do stuff like this with Addie, she will be 2 next Sunday, but where do you start? (I'm a bbc moma, ashbeazz on July) :)

  2. I think about what I want them to learn and what they like. My son loves to figure out how things work and my daughter loves art, so I try to do a bit of both.

    I have some activties from when they were 18 months that I can post too.